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What do John's Patient's say?

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When I do injure myself there’s only one person I go to and that's John Green. He’s a delight. He’s a taskmaster too.

I recommend him 100%.

Richard Branson

Entrepreneur and Businessman

About me

I have now been a Chartered Physiotherapist for 30 years. From 1990 - 2005 I was Head Physiotherapist for West Ham United FC.

I am now a private practitioner working with the country's leading consultant orthopedic surgeons.

I aim to instil a way of moving and an approach to your training that goes beyond the rehabilitation period, allowing you to maintain excellent mobility for the rest of your life.


My role in your recovery is crucial. One of my key skills is identifying each patient's specific needs. 

Your rehabilitation routine is tailored specifically to your injury and your lifestyle.

Together my patients and I fully engage in the recovery process. The relationship we develop involves commitment and trust. I will be there at every stage of your recovery.

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